As the owner of Creekside Custom Desks, I am humbled by the years of success and the great reputation our customers have given us.  I have owned multiple homes and have lived through both good and bad experiences with contractors.  I believe if a contractor is a great craftsman, does what he says when he says he is going to do it, and does not try to raise the price, that he/she would be successful and never need to advertise.  That is my strategy. 

A little about me -   I hold a BS in mechanical engineering.  I hold 8 patents.  I have worked in the medical device industry in R&D, production and quality.  I have developed several products including intra ocular lenses, dental implants, coronary and peripheral stents and delivery systems, guide wires, embolic filtration device, drug eluting stents, bioresorbable drug eluting scaffold, and a laser atherectomy catheter. 

I have loved wood working all my life.  My father, a Naval aviator, started me with this love affair as a young boy and my father in law, who was a general contractor and finish carpenter taught me a lot.  I have been an acoustic guitar player and have always loved guitars.  About 15 years ago I started building acoustic guitars and have completed 27 builds.  If you feel so inclined, you can see my guitar website.  (

With that background, you might be wondering why I would leave all that behind to own a deck building company.  There are many reasons that contribute to this decision, so in no particular order, here are a few of them - Time required for FDA approval, company politics, corporate downsizing, lack of stability of R&D positions, and last but not least, bosses.  I want to work for myself and have my time and effort more directly benefit my family.  I am proud of what I have accomplished as an engineer, but I have always wanted to work for myself.  I also love decks.  I think decks are like guitars in that they are both functional pieces of art.  

There is no greater honor for a man than being a father and I have the great privilege of having my son work along side me.    I also have the honor of working with my son-in-law. My team will be at your site every day until you deck is completed to your satisfaction.  Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.  

I look forward to meeting with you to talk about your new deck!


Steve Saville


·        7976560 – Expandable structures for embolic filtering devices        

·       7252675 – Composite loop embolic filtering devices

·        7172614 - Support structures for embolic filtering devices    

·       6740073 - Guiding catheter reinforcement

·        5871499 - Child birth assisting system·       

·       8852257- Sheaths Used with Polymer Scaffolds

·       9572699- Sheaths Used with Polymer Scaffolds

·        D775728 -Medical Device Handle